Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello World....

I wanted to take a few minutes to Welcome you to my Blog. I'm SO new to this but I wanted a place to give answers to all of the questions I get asked daily.  That way I'm able to help more people each day.  Most of you have the same questions.  This way I get to answer them all and show you a little more of my daily life and tell you how I transformed myself. That's what I'm excited to get out of having this blog.

 I'll post My Story. How I gained 80 lbs. in 10 months. How I lost 80 lbs. in 18 Months.  How I ultimately lost 92 lbs. and look better and feel better than I did before I had a Child. Why I wanted to change. How I changed my mindset to get the weight off. Trials I went through. What kept me going. What exercises are the best for certain areas. What foods I eat. What foods I try to not eat. But I will tell you, I still have plenty of Treats.  I'm such a sweets lover and that does nothing for my thighs. :) I'll also talk about my Breast Implants, My Tan, My Moles by my belly button.... WHY?? Because those are the most commented about on my transformation pictures and a lot of the questions I get asked daily.... What size are your implants?  What do you do for your Tan? So I'm excited to have a place to get all these questions answered for you.   So STAY TUNED!!! Things are about to get REAL... as Real as Fake Boobs can get!! ;)

 I love humor, if you don't have it.... Don't waste your time commenting hateful things... Because I will laugh at how sad you must be inside to take the time being rude to others. LOVE ONLY here!!! My Mission.... Give others HOPE in their own Journey. We are all here to lift each other up, support one another.   So start thinking of what YOU want in life. Write down a few things.  Lets get started on YOUR Journey.

Still need some motivation??? Check out my YouTube with more pictures...  Kenna Shell WEIGHT LOSS TRANSFORMATION Ranked #1 on YouTube

If you are not currently working out or haven't worked out in a while. Make sure you get cleared to do so by your Dr. I don't want any of you getting hurt.

Your JOB TODAY is:  Start noticing how much processed foods you might be eating.  That's all.  Just take note of what's going into your body.  Write down what you eat during the day.  Everything!!! I need you all to see how much, how little, how much sugar, how many veggies etc.  I just want you to start a Food Journal for 2 weeks.  Don't cut back on anything right now, just write it down.  2 weeks, you can stick to writing it down. Right?!  Okay, I know you can so let's GOOOOO!! First Step to change is knowing what you're currently doing so you notice when changes are made.

Check back for something NEW.  Have a Great Day everyone!!!

<3 Kenna

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weight Loss Before and After Pic.

This page was created to Give Motivation and Tips to those wanting to lose weight.  I gained 80 lbs. during my pregnancy and lost it.  Please check out my Fitness page for more info.