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StoryTime vol.1 - MLB Life and the Start of this whole thing.

Hi Everyone, I wanted to first say I'm honored that you care enough to hear about my story and follow this blog.  I've always said, "I'm just a Momma who wanted to get her body back after gaining 80lbs. during pregnancy and once I get this weight off I want to show others there is a Healthy way to do it". Which I've found to be Eating Clean and Exercising.

 I've spent some time thinking about how I wanted to run this blog and what information I wanted to share with all of you. I feel like the last 4-5 years leading up to this point in my life, there has been SO much that went on.  So I'll just start in the beginning and work my way through the whole story over time through different posts. I'll be adding in Workout Tips, Recipes and other things I enjoy and answering some the most Frequently Asked Questions throughout the different posts as well.

So let's get started....

I found out I was pregnant towards the end of September 2008.  After scarfing down a whole box of Frozen Corn Dogs and Buffalo Chicken Wings within 2 days I knew something wasn't right. I was SO hungry all the time.  Steven "My Husband" and I were living in Arlington, VA.  Steven was a pitcher for the Washington Nationals and it was their first home game since getting back from the Miami road trip.  I took the Pregnancy Test while he was at the field.  It was positive almost instantly.  I wanted to tell him in a special way so I went to the book store and got "The Everything Father-To-Be" Book and wrapped it up.  He comes out of the Club House and its almost 12am.  So I tell him.... I'm starving did you wanna go get something to eat.  He was kinda hesitant because it was so late but he went because I insisted. I didn't want to tell him at the Apartment because we shared it with another player that just got called up from AAA Columbus, OH.   So went went to the only place open at 12am.  "The Silver Diner" in Arlington, VA.  It's a cute little place with some pretty good food.  So I give him the gift, he opens it and cannot believe it. We Are Having A BABY!!!! Ahhhh what do we do next?? haha neither of us knew but we were EXCITED!!  I had just turned 26 years old and Steven was 25.

Welcome Home Guys!! 

Steven Pitching at Florida Marlins 2008

Shell, You're Up!!! 
Every time I saw this I'd start Praying for a good outing. And Strike Outs... Yes we prayed for K's ;)

Steven Pitching at Nationals Stadium 2008

One Sunday after the Game. I got to tour the Clubhouse.


Silver Diner in Arlington, VA It's a cute little place.

Our Apartment in Arlington, VA. We Stayed at Lofts 590 and Loved it! 

When you get Called-Up or for any start of a new season. Minor Leagues or Big Leagues for that matter....  it's your job OR if you have a Wife or Girlfriend... Her Job to find a place to live, arrange for the furniture to be Rented and Delivered, All Utilities Set Up, Cable Turned on.... and Food stocked in the Fridge.  Okay, well maybe not all do this... But this was what I chose to do durning the Baseball Season. It was my job and I liked it. So this was our little Apt. with Rented Furniture.

Watching the game from the President's Seats 2008. We were LUCKY to get to sit down here. We "meaning the Wives/Girlfriends" could go down after the 7th Inning I believe.

Ashley Balester (Left) and I at Nationals Stadium 2008.  I just found out I was pregnant.  

So the 2008 Baseball Season ends on a Road Trip to Philly. We flew out Steven's Dad to help me pack up everything we had so we could get an early start on the road.  We pack up the SUV and U-Haul in tow then head to Philly to watch the last game of the Season. Phillies were in the Playoffs and it was CRAZY there. But SO much fun. We watch the game, then after it was over made the long drive home for the Off-Season. I was so ready to get home, see family and get things planned for this new baby to come.  Little did I know HOW MUCH my life would change over the next 10-12 months.  I was excited to get home because I had scheduled my First Doctors Appointment to confirm the pregnancy.

Last Game of the 2008 Season... Phillies went on to WIN the World Series. 

You can see how packed this game was.... it was AWESOME!!! 

Kenna & Steven 2008 

So thats how everything got started. I wanted to show you all this side because it's the Very Beginning and something I rarely talk about. I'll be posting more volumes of My Story as the weeks go on.  Plus extra posts of my Favorite Recipes, Workout Routines I love and I'll be answering your questions.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read. I appreciate you all and I look forward to helping each one of you in some little way through this blog. 

<3 Kenna

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello World....

I wanted to take a few minutes to Welcome you to my Blog. I'm SO new to this but I wanted a place to give answers to all of the questions I get asked daily.  That way I'm able to help more people each day.  Most of you have the same questions.  This way I get to answer them all and show you a little more of my daily life and tell you how I transformed myself. That's what I'm excited to get out of having this blog.

 I'll post My Story. How I gained 80 lbs. in 10 months. How I lost 80 lbs. in 18 Months.  How I ultimately lost 92 lbs. and look better and feel better than I did before I had a Child. Why I wanted to change. How I changed my mindset to get the weight off. Trials I went through. What kept me going. What exercises are the best for certain areas. What foods I eat. What foods I try to not eat. But I will tell you, I still have plenty of Treats.  I'm such a sweets lover and that does nothing for my thighs. :) I'll also talk about my Breast Implants, My Tan, My Moles by my belly button.... WHY?? Because those are the most commented about on my transformation pictures and a lot of the questions I get asked daily.... What size are your implants?  What do you do for your Tan? So I'm excited to have a place to get all these questions answered for you.   So STAY TUNED!!! Things are about to get REAL... as Real as Fake Boobs can get!! ;)

 I love humor, if you don't have it.... Don't waste your time commenting hateful things... Because I will laugh at how sad you must be inside to take the time being rude to others. LOVE ONLY here!!! My Mission.... Give others HOPE in their own Journey. We are all here to lift each other up, support one another.   So start thinking of what YOU want in life. Write down a few things.  Lets get started on YOUR Journey.

Still need some motivation??? Check out my YouTube with more pictures...  Kenna Shell WEIGHT LOSS TRANSFORMATION Ranked #1 on YouTube

If you are not currently working out or haven't worked out in a while. Make sure you get cleared to do so by your Dr. I don't want any of you getting hurt.

Your JOB TODAY is:  Start noticing how much processed foods you might be eating.  That's all.  Just take note of what's going into your body.  Write down what you eat during the day.  Everything!!! I need you all to see how much, how little, how much sugar, how many veggies etc.  I just want you to start a Food Journal for 2 weeks.  Don't cut back on anything right now, just write it down.  2 weeks, you can stick to writing it down. Right?!  Okay, I know you can so let's GOOOOO!! First Step to change is knowing what you're currently doing so you notice when changes are made.

Check back for something NEW.  Have a Great Day everyone!!!

<3 Kenna

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weight Loss Before and After Pic.

This page was created to Give Motivation and Tips to those wanting to lose weight.  I gained 80 lbs. during my pregnancy and lost it.  Please check out my Fitness page for more info.