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Saturday, February 7, 2015

9 Weeks to Cancun

Hey You,

So you want to get in shape, tone up, lose fat???  You are in the right place. After posting this picture to Facebook and Instagram today I got a bunch of messages and comments so I wanted to give you all a way to follow along and what better way than a BLOG... ahh kinda makes me nervous because I'm not a writer so as long as you're cool with run-on sentences, misplaced commas and over used exclamation points we are good to go.    :)

Before Empty Stomach Cardio.

Okay, so I have a work trip in Cancun in 9 Weeks!!!! So this is my journey to losing the last bit of body fat. So I'll be posting here what I eat and workouts I'm doing. Today I did Volume 4 of my Treadmill Routines. Here is the Playlist via my personal Spotify Account. I do these 4-5 times a week on an Empty Stomach. I always get the question about To do Empty Stomach "Fasted" Cardio or Not????  Here's the deal... Try it out, see what works for you. If you like it keep doing it. If not... don't. ESC or Empty Stomach Cardio does amazing things for my body so I keep doing it.

This lighting is horrible... I'll work on that part. 

After ESC today... Theres something about taking pictures and trying to show the amount of sweat.... for some reason it just doesn't show up. Just know... I worked HARD!! ha! Oh well... So with these next 9 weeks my goals are to tighten and tone my abs, thighs and booty. This comes with cardio, lifting weights and following a good meal plan. Which I will be talking about more over these 9 weeks.  Please remember when you look at the pictures I currently post that I don't think I look bad or "fat" at all!!! I am actually pretty happy with how I look. But I have taken about 6 months off of counting macros and my workouts have been hit or miss depending how busy work is. At my heaviest I was 210lbs. after giving birth to my son in 2009.

Before 2009 & After 2011 80lbs lost. 

Who am I..... well I'm a Single Mother with a supportive Ex-Husband (that's a whole other post) but we are on good terms so definitely a plus in my life. I'm a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Nutritionist through Integrative Nutrition. I love Healthy Foods, Creating Recipes, Baking, Lifting Weights and Motivating Women around me to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. This can be anything Goals are something you set because YOU want to achieve them not because someone tells you you'll be cool if you did.... or you'll be accepted if you looked like... forget what people say follow what's in YOUR heart.

Also since you're getting to know me over the next few weeks with this blog let's just get a few things out of the way.... sort of like housekeeping... 1. My pictures get used for all sorts of False Advertisements, gimmick diets, other trainers systems etc... Just know I used Clean Eating and a workout P90X to help me lose 80lbs. in 18 months. I then went on to do various Beachbody Programs and won $6,000 in their Beachbody Challenge. I am a Coach with Beachbody and have a Team of Leaders. TeamGoodbye Fat Hello Muscle aka: TeamGFHM 

2. I have breast implants. I actually have them in all of my before pictures as well. After losing the majority of my weight I got them redone. You can read more about them here in the FAQ section of my site.

3. I've never had any other surgery other than Breast Implants. I haven't had an issue with loose skin either. I attribute it to losing the weight slowly and genetics.

My 3 most widely used False Advertisement Pictures. 

These pictures show my REAL RESULTS but they are used for some of the most crazy things. Don't be fooled and please don't give these companies your hard earned money.

Okay, so now lets get to what I'm eating.... The FOOD!!!!!! The most important part :)

I'll show you all pictures from what I eat and in more detail in later posts. So I just got the 21 Day Fix Extreme in the mail todayyyyy!! I'm so freakin' excited for this. So today I made a meal using the 21 Day Fix principals.  Except I screwed up on one part... but I already ate it so using it as a learning tool and moving forward. hahaha!  ( The Extra Cheese on Top is a no-go because the pasta already has cheese ) oh well.

So this is a 21 Day Fix meal idea and again I just used what I had in my pantry. What we've got here:  Four Cheese Ravioli & Pesto with Basil, Grape Tomatoes and Chicken Breast cooked with some spices (Mrs. Dash) and topped with Mozzarella Cheese. Is it 100% Clean... NO but it's what I had and I don't eat 100% clean anyway. :) I hope you're able to see you don't have to eat just chicken and rice to lose weight. It's all about portion control. Those of you following 21 Day Fix this meal is 1 Yellow, 1 Red, 2 Blues & 1 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

I hope this helps you to know you don't have to be perfect to see results but what you will need is Consistency and a willingness to get better every day. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I'm going to go enjoy this sunshine we've got today.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weight Loss Before and After Pic.

This page was created to Give Motivation and Tips to those wanting to lose weight.  I gained 80 lbs. during my pregnancy and lost it.  Please check out my Fitness page for more info.