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Monday, July 31, 2017

Keep Bagged Lettuce Fresh

You Will Need: 

1 Bag of Prepackaged Lettuce 
1 Gallon Storage Bag 
Paper Towels 

How many times have you bought a bag of lettuce to find it all rotten in the bag soon after? I hate that!! So I started doing this to help absorb the moisture.

 Usually the back of the bag will indicate if the lettuce is about to go bad. You'll see the water here first. 

Lay out some paper towels. You'll need enough to spread out your lettuce in a thin layer like above. 

Once all the lettuce is spread out... Start to roll up in the paper towels. 

Once you're finished rolling... will look like this inedible lettuce burrito. 

Place your paper towel wrapped lettuce in the Gallon Bag 

Let out all the air and close that baby shut.  Your lettuce will stay fresh a lot longer than getting soaked in the regular bag it came in. Also if you don't have any gallon bags.. just put the paper towel wrapped lettuce back in it's original lettuce bag. That works fine too. 
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